Strong, reliable partnerships are key to your project's success

Outsourcing a clinical research project can be complex and fraught with issues.

From addressing regulatory demands, to monitoring your KPIs and keeping a close eye on vendor performance, the learning curve is steep and the challenges are consistent.

At Lumis Life Science Consulting, we understand all of this.

That’s why our solutions are tailored around you and designed to accelerate your development project at every stage.

Our senior team has a proven track record in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors: plus we have a network of experienced consultants to collaborate with on niche tasks.

Flexibility and empathy are core to the Lumis brand. We go the extra mile supporting our clients.

Work with us to achieve:

  • A shorter time to market for innovative products

  • A realistic budget without compromising on quality

  • A harmonious sponsor-vendor team all striving for the same goal

How we can help:

  • Clinical Outsourcing
  • Vendor Selection
    and Management
  • Clinical and
    Quality Oversight
  • Sponsor-Vendor
    Conflict Resolution
  • Translation from preclinical
    to clinical development
  • Regulatory

The Lumis Difference

Too many clinical trials and development projects collapse due to a mis-match in priorities and understanding between the parties involved. We are experts in successfully navigating those challenges to:

  • Manage expectations and align objectives
  • Facilitate communication
  • Mitigate confrontation

Heike Schön, Managing Director has more than 25 years of experience in senior management positions in clinical research and has a profound understanding of the different business models of sponsors and service providers. Heike is passionate about optimising the cooperation between sponsors and vendors to improve the outcomes of clinical activities.

Dr. Christiane Juhls, Project Director is experienced in advising SMEs on translating preclinical results to early clinical applications; selecting and interacting with CROs; and collaborating with regulatory authorities.

CRO Solution: A Lumis Case Study
When the relationship between a sponsor and their existing CRO broke down irretrievably, we were approached by the sponsor to help them urgently find a new CRO with the relevant geographic and therapeutic experience and get their project back on track.

They were in the middle of the clinical trial submission process so timing was critical. Working closely with our client we were able to develop a strong understanding of their requirements and challenges at short notice.

We handpicked a new CRO that not only met their expertise, budget and location requirements, but had a culture and approach that aligned with the client making for a much smoother working relationship.